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Happy 100th Birthday SSGT Jim Wilson - 511th PIR


3652 E. Nairn Drive Eagle Mountain Utah 84005




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Jim Wilson 511th Parachute InfantryHelp us celebrate the 100th birthday of WWII veteran SSGT James "Jim" W. Wilson - paratrooper, hero of Los Banos and a man who almost held history in his hands.

Jim is an original Toccoa-man who served in World War II in the 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 11th Airborne Division. He endured weeks of brutal close-quarters combat on Leyte and parachuted onto Luzon where he and his comrades fought for several months to liberate the island from Imperial Japan. Many of his comrades made the ultimate sacrifice in the Pacific, including one of his best buddies, his radio operator. SSGT Wilson also took part in the division's famous raid on the Los Banos Internment Camp on February 23, 1945 wherein Jim and B Company parachuted from 400 feet to help rescue over 2,100 men, women and children from behind enemy lines.

If you would like to wish SSGT Jim Wilson a happy 100th birthday, please send any physical cards, letters, notes or other well-wishes to:

SSGT Jim Wilson
C/O www.511pir.com
3652 E. Nairn Drive
Eagle Mountain, UT 84005

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