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Trevor Larson, Regimental Historian

A masterfully executed recollection of many accounts of many 511 troopers that somehow keeps you focused as it jumps from one group of man in one episode to another. This is a must own book! It’s easily the best source of information out there.

The book is portioned off into individual recollections of certain episodes. More often or not first hand accounts from the troopers themselves, because of this writing style this book is easy to digest in small portions or to finish it all in one go. The blunt honest truth of life as an infantryman in the pacific threatre is on full display here. There are many moments that will make you laugh, others that will horrify you. If you have any interest in the pacific, the 11th airborne division, or had a family member in the 511.

Trevor Larson: As an amateur historian, Trevor has interviewed 10 living members of the 511 starting in 2018 and believes that the level of research and effort Jeremy Holm put into this book shines the entire way through!